MS Project updated by multiple users (certain users are not seeing updates)

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Has anyone noticed that if you share a project out on a "sharepoint" sight and require check out/check in - some users are not seeing the latest version when they open the project plan. They see the last version they checked in but not any of the other updates made since then. 

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Hello @KCollis,

Are the opening the Working or the Published versions? Are users always publishing their changes? If they access the Project and view this in the Project Center in PWA, do they see the latest changes there? 
If this user removes the project from the MS Project Cache, do they see the latest when they open the project again?


KCollis --

In addition to the excellent response from my colleague, Paul, would you please tell us if you are actually using Project Online, or if you are simply saving an MPP file in a SharePoint site? The correct answer depends on which of the above is your actual situation. Please let us know. Thanks!

@Paul Mather thank you for the feedback - We check out the document and open in in the app makes updates and then check in those updates. What is happening is sometimes - without warning you will see a version history where an update was made Ex. changed date on line 12. then when another person opens the latest checked in version that change is not showing for them but does for some of the other users. Today that was the case and then when the person who didn't see that change saved their version - I went in to look at it and my change was no longer there. so I went to version history to open the one I did a version prior and it also now does not show the updates. We have autosave on. as well as when you close it - the message pops up asking if you want to check in so others can see your changes. I'm wondering if this is a glitch or a user issue that perhaps there is a better way to have a shared plan where 4 people make contributions several times a day. when it's checked out you can only open in a read only so only one person is making updates at a time. We save minor version vs major. Not sure if that matters? Let me know if you can think this is something we are doing or if there is maybe a better way to have the doc available on sharepoint for all to see but still require check out for updates and why versioning doesn't seem to be working? 


This doc is stored on the sharepoint. We do access it from sharepoint and open in the MS Project application. Sometimes I save a version down to my desktop - for reasons like today.
We also are having this exact same issue! When using sharepoint to checkout the version, make updates, and then check it back in, some users see the latest version they checked in but not any of the other dates made since then. We have tried clearing browser cache, closing out MS Project, and have been dilligent about checking out/in. This seems to be a bug. We cannot use Project online, as it is limited to 600 dependencies and we need to have many more than that.
We are also having this issue, and also saving the MPP in a sharepoint site. We can't use project online, as it only supports 600 dependencies.