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Hi team

In MS Project Gantt, when I tick on the 'Use fiscal year' box, the labels change to the previous year.  And this is exactly what's happening in the Timeline view.  The starting task is 8 Jan 2021, but the first label is Feb 20.  However, in the Timeline view there is no 'Use fiscal year' box to untick. 

Any ideas on what I can do?

Many thanks 


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James -- Did you set the starting month of the fiscal year on the Schedule page of the Project Options dialog? If so, did you select the checkbox named Use Starting Year for FY Numbering? Please let us know and we will try to help you.
Perfect. Thanks for this Dale
Hi Dale
Something strange happened in the timeline which I missed. Jan to Mar became correct showing Jan21 to Mar21. Then it shows Apr22 to Dec22 and then correctly shows Jan22 to Dec22. The labels above the Gantt are fine.
Any thoughts?
Many thanks
James -- Would you please provide a screenshot or two so that I can see what is going on? That would help. Thanks!

@Dale Howard  here you go.  Thanks for this


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Dale already answered your question but he may not be on-line today so please allow me to make an observation. The months and years stated in your last posting do not match the screen shot posted. The screen shot shows Jan '21 through Apr '21 and then May 22' to Apr '22 for the Timeline view. The Gantt Chart timescale shows Jan '21 through Apr '22 as a "normal" year. That presentation is synonymous with Project > File > Options > Schedule tab set for a "fiscal year starts in" May and the Gantt Chart timescale option for "use fiscal year" unchecked.

Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at 1.03.59 PM.png


No strange display behavior, just an inconsistency with fiscal year settings.


Hi John
Many thanks for this. I thought if I unticked the 'use starting year in FY numbering' that would be enough but clearly not :)
You're welcome and thanks for the feedback. Glad you got it cleared up.