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Currently I am taking courses in management and learning MS project 2019. I am having a hard time finding the relevance of this software. I enjoy working with excel mainly, but have worked with several versions of QuickBooks as well. 

I haven't found anything that you can do with this software that you can't do with Excel, or a calendar. Am I missing the part of this software that makes it not a callosal waste of time?

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The power of MS Project and indeed any PM sortware is the linking of tasks to form the chain of dependent tasks which will lead to the delivery of the project.
if you have a simple a-b-c-d type chain this is fairly simple to do in Excel but as soon as you get more complex chains, especially with multiple dependencies (d can't be done until A and C are done but C can't be done till B is done) coding this all into Excel becomes a massive pain and very hard to edit.
Doing planning in excel is masochistic and prone to errors or over simplification.
I wholheartedly agree; I used to use 2019 predecessors as a trained PMP and was happy. THe cloud version is useless and you may as well use excel. I am going back to open source solutions as I'm not willing to pay 35$/month when I had a perfect 2016 desktop version and the only difference is now that MS makes a lot more money. Not impressed!
Why not just continue to use the desktop version? I agree that as normal the MS Cloud software is neutered with many of the useful features missing; this is true with all the office software :(