MS Project for Web - Conditional Formatting is gone

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in the MS Project Web application (used via Edge) last week I was able to use conditional formatting on my columns, e.g. for the column "bucket" or "done in %" I was able to choose different color types according to the progress the tasks made or in which bucket it was.


When I logged in this week again, the field "conditional formatting" was suddenly gone and I am not able to find it or find anything on how to do it by google search.


Does anyone experience the same problem or can help me out?



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Hi @Soeren1790 , The conditional coloring feature was rolled back since we noticed an issue. We have fixed the issue now and are in the process of rolling out the feature. The rollout is done gradually allowing time to ensure that issues if any are identified earlier.

You must be able to use the feature soon.

Thanks a lot for your interest.

-Microsoft Project Team

Thanks a lot for the clarification Ramesh!
Stil wait Condition Color - do you have any plan for this feature?

@daibt Thank you for your interest. The feature is in the process of rollout. The process is expected to complete in Jan. 

Thank you. and welcome back Condition Color

Hello Everyone, 

The feature is fully rolled out to all customers. FYI. 


 @Soeren1790 @daibt FYI Please. 



I don't have the feature to format in Boards, Timeline, Charts, and People.  The formatting that I put into Grid view does not  appear.

Thanks for the feedback @Car0ro 

The current scope is only Grid. We plan to extend coloring across views, but that is in backlog. 

I am having this same issue today...has the feature been rolled back again?

Hi @khampton - Thansk for the message. The conditional formatting has not been reverted. Could you please share more details of the issue you are facing? Are you finding the old rules or coloring missing? Are you able to see the 'conditional colors' button on top right??

@Ramesh_Maruthupandian The conditional colors button is missing entirely.  It was there last week and I could access all of my rules, but it has since disappeared. 


Also, I posted about this in a different thread, but I have never been able to use color on custom fields.  That button is missing as well, but it has never existed for me.


Screenshot 2023-09-13 085255.png

Thanks a lot for sharing. I am unable to repro this on our tenant. It will be super helpful if you can share your tenant ID (refer here - for debugging. You can share this over email - Thank you.