ms project for the web에서 작업시간 나누는 법

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ms project for the web 에서 ms project 처럼 작업시간 나누는 법은? 대체기능이라도 알려주세요.


How to split task time in MS Project for the Web like in MS Project? If there are alternative functions, please let me know.


Since I am a beginner using MS Project, which one should I use in the long term, MS Project for the web or MS Project Online?

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krpwree --

If you need features that are only available in the Microsoft Project desktop application, but are not available in Project for the Web, then I would recommend that you use the Microsoft Project desktop application. If Project for the Web has all of the features you need, then you could probably use Project for the Web. The answer to your question depends on the features and functionality in the software, and what you need to do with the software. Hope this helps.