MS Project - Export projects with WBS to Excel

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Hello All,


I am using MS Project 2016 (Web), is it possible to export all the projects in the project center along with the WBS, baseline start & end dates, actual start & end dates etc? I need this data to prepare a report and it is a bit urgent. Any help is appreciated. As of now I am able to export the projects to excel from project center and I am able to export the WBS under each project to excel individually. What I want to achieve is export the projects and WBS together in one excel file. Thank you.

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Hello @vikneswaran365 ,

If you are using Project Server 2016 (sounds like you might be), you could create a report in Excel that pulls back the data you need. This could either be from the OLAP cube, the Project Data Reporting API or from the Project Reporting schema in the SQL database.