MS Project - Copy group of report elements and paste as editable elements

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When pasting a single element (e.g. a table, a header, a graph, etc) from a MS Project report into PowerPoint, the element retains its properties and is editable.  However, when pasting a group of elements, some of the elements in the group are pasted as images and cannot be edited. Is it possible to paste groups of elements (from MS Project) such that all the elements (specifically, the tables that list milestones and tasks) are not images and are editable in PowerPoint?


*Did some more research and it might just be that copy/paste of complex elements in Project is not compatible with PowerPoint. So some of the copied elements are rendered and pasted as an image.





version: Office 365

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A little more information please. What version of Project are you using?

I just tried copying the Project Overview report of a sample file (Report Design > Report group > Copy Report) and pasting it into a blank PowerPoint sheet. The full report was pasted and I'm able to edit various elements. I'm using Project 2019 Pro desktop.

Updated the post with version. Using office 365. (Not sure if that is a specific version, but ever since the rollout of 365 determining the version has not been easy).

Were you able to edit text in the tables and headers?
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Yes, I can edit text in tables and headers.

With respect to Project on Office 365 and Project desktop, that still makes my head spin. I'm going to refer you to my colleague Dale, who has a lot better handle on that aspect. Hopefully he's available and will jump in.

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I have tried paste special, but all the options pertain to images. Since you are able to use the copy report feature successfully (i.e. able to paste the elements as non-images), it might be a setting in one of the programs. I will keep searching online for an answer.


Paste Special won't do it. This is the copy option I selected. If you don't have that on your version, then it's likely you can't get there from her (i.e. get what you want). [But I hear the Salmon is fantastic]



Oh my, sorry I wasn't clear. I am able to edit the text boxes, but not the tables. I will update the post to clarify that tables (like tasks and milestones) are pasted as images. The dates and percent complete graphic are also pasted as images.
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Okay with a little more clarity I get the same result you do. Individual elements of a report, when cut and pasted are editable in PowerPoint but selecting a group of elements only allows certain aspects of those elements to be edited.(e.g. format).

I'm not sure why you would want to edit the report data in PowerPoint (i.e. the data is what it is) but as far as table data is concerned the workaround is to individually copy and paste to facilitate editing some data.

I don't know if this really helps much but at least I can confirm that what you see is what you get.


Thanks for confirming the behavior. This inconvenience is just annoying. I was hoping that there was a setting or two that might change the behavior. Your responses did help. I am now considering Blue-Salmon, hmmmm.
You're welcome and thanks for the feedback. I must admit, I don't use the Project reports and I haven't used PowerPoint in decades so I had to do a little research/testing.

At any rate I think you menu choice is a step up. Your heart will thank you, you know, omega 3 and all.