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Project 2019 Hebrew Version

At Hebraw version of MS-PROJECT PRO 2019 and above there is alot visual bug that i can't solve and there is not update to that. here are some of the problam:
1. when openning any mpp file the columns that we have be seeen is only the last ones. we need to rool the under bar right to see all the first colums
2. when opeening new colum of any kind the title of bars disappers and only pressing on save or veiw buttons shoe them again.
3. resurce graph are only seen half graph and only after pressing on save or veiw buttons i can see the all graphs.
4. gantt chart proprties can't seen lining to right and only after opeening it again (2-3 times after it) it open lining to the right.

And there is alot more visual Bug.
This is hapeenig also in other compturers and not only in my computer and only in the hebraw version of the software
Please advise what to do and clarfy me if ther any solution to that problam

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There is no respond from Microsoft, yet. 

There are two things that can be done: 

1. I found an unexplainable and strange work-around. How to do it, step by step - see in the video here: 

2. Join the Whatsapp group called - "מה נסגר עם Project": We are trying together to find what we can do. In the meantime, fill this form: - to help all of us pinpoint where is the problem. 

Tal Levanon.