MS Project 2016 bulk unique ID search takes lot of time

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Hello Techies,


Challenge - Currently I'm facing a challenge of searching for bulk unique id which I need to update the changes. 


What I do - Everytime I need to type the unique ids in the filter and select one by one from the list and then make updates. This is taking lot of time.


Looking for recommendation - Does anyone know how to collect bulk unique ids easily and quickly?


Thank you very much!


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Pavithra --

The only quick way I can think of to filter for particular Unique ID numbers would be to insert the Unique ID column in any task view, such as the Gantt Chart view, then to click the pick list button in the Unique ID column header and select the checkboxes for the Unique ID numbers for which you want to filter. This would be using the AutoFilter feature with the Unique ID column. Just a thought. Hope this helps.


I think Dale offered an excellent suggestion but if his approach is still to time consuming a more automated approach may be possible with a macro. What determines which unique IDs are desired? Is there a separate list?