Missing link between Project for the Web and Resource Scheduling App

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Hello All,


I was exploring the Universal Resource Scheduling App with Project for the Web and learn how to Book a resource as per their skills and category.


This app booked a resource and add that resource to the Project team but the project manager has to go to the project plan and assign task to that booked resource manually which I think must be done automatically.


Am I missing something or this is way this app is expected to work.



Shruti Vyas

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shrutivyas06 --

The Resource Scheduling app is similar to the Resource Requests feature in Microsoft Project Online. Using either of these tools, a PM can request a resource for a specific project, for a specific time period, and for a specific amount of work. The PM cannot tie the resource request to a specific task in the project.

What you CAN do, however, is to pre-assign the resource to the task(s) in question, determine the timeline and amount of work, and then submit the resource request. Once approved, you have already done the assignment work.

Just a thought. Hope this helps.