Misalignments in Project Custom Fields

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Dear All,

we have MS Project Online and we have this scenario:

a) We have custom fields at project entity level


1. User usr1 creates a project PR1 in the project center with custom field A empty

2. User usr2 opens PR1 with MS Project online client in his\her laptop add tasks, assignments etc and leave field A empty (now in the local cache of usr2 the custom field A is empty) , publish and check in

3. usr1 opens PR1, update custom field A to "something", publish and check in

4. usr2 opens PR1 update a task (here the problem: in the local cache of usr2 custom field A is still empty), publish and check in

Final result is: usr2 unintentionally reset the custom field A to empty so MS Project Online doesn't allow to collaborate in a structured organization for custom fields at project entity level.


My question is: is there a way to force the cache update from the webapp when usr2 check out the project ?



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Hello @cedgab,

It sounds like user2 might have an issue with the project in the local cache. Do you see this with other projects in the same PWA instance? You could look to remove that project from user2 local cache then get them to open it again and that should sort it.


Thanks @Paul Mather!
I had the chance to do a troubleshooting session with one user.
I tried to clean the cache for all projects, tried to cancel the cache folder (with MS Project client closed), tried to re-install the ms project client but ... no way - same wrong behavior.

What I found is that:
usr2 has locally (I don't know where) the lookup values different from the lookup table we have in the webapp
so the client is setting the custom field to empty since locally there is no correspondence to the centralized lookup table in the webapp.
In few words local lookup table values are misaligned with the centralized ones.

Any ideas ?