Migration Path? Project for the Web to D365 Project Ops

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I seek advice and experience from individuals who have helped move their organization from using Microsoft Project for the Web to Dynamics 365 Project Operations. Were you able to migrate in-flight projects? At a high level, how did you go about doing it? What technology did you use to do it?





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Hi, @MattSchuessler 

FluentPro Project Migrator can help you automate Project for the Web migration to Dynamics 365 Project Operations. Project Migrator transfers project data quickly, effortlessly, and with no data loss. 

Matt --

In addition to the excellent answer by Elena, keep in mind that there is no built-in tool that allow you to migrate projects from Project for the Web to Project Operations. Whenever Microsoft does not offer built-in tools such as this, this gives partner organizations the opportunity to develop apps that "fill the gap" so to speak. I would recommend you at least explore the app developed by FluentPro for this purpose. Hope this helps.