Migration from 2013->2019 - Project site selection not possible

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after migrating from Project Server 2013 to Project Server 2019 I found this strange behavior for Enterprise Project Types:

The dropdown field for selecting the Project Site Template language and Template is not populated - not with the template used in Project Server 2013 (which is not working) and not with the Standard Project Site or a newly created Project Site Template.

2021-07-19 16_59_34-mRemoteNG - confCons.xml - SERV-T-PRO21 - APP.png

The templates (old and new) can be found as activated in the Solutions Gallery and I can generate a new Subsite using the standard Project Site template as well as using the new template.

2021-07-19 17_06_43-mRemoteNG - confCons.xml - SERV-T-PRO21 - APP.pngAny ideas?

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Hello @TamaraF ,

Try the following:

  • Arrange a system outage
    • Assuming the system is live etc.
  • Backup the content database where the PWA site collection is hosted
    • Just in case something goes wrong, you can restore the database backup
  • Run the following PowerShell command: Disable-SPFeature pwasite -Url <URL>
  • Run the following PowerShell command: Enable-SPFeature pwasite -Url <URL>

See if that resolves the issue.


Thanks, Paul. That did the trick - the Project Site templates are now back in the dropdown!