Migrate PWA Site To A New Tenant

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I am looking to migrate a full PWA site, including all the server settings and projects to a new tenant. Is there a way I can do this? Most of my findings online have only included migrating projects, not all the server settings including users.



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Encrypted_User --

You might want to discuss your needs with FluentPro at:


I believe they have the tool you need for your migration. Please note that I do not work for them, have no financial interest in their company, and have not used their tools. I only know of their reputation, which is good and reliable. Hope this helps.
Hi Dale, thank you. Is there no Microsoft tool to do this?
No, Microsoft does not have a tool to do this. As Dale mentioned, contact FluentPro, but I don't believe they have a solution that migrates a PWA site to a different tenant. I have used there GA Suite to create a copy of an existing site, but that's in the same tenant

@Encrypted_User - you can contact me (email address removed for privacy reasons) We have tools to migrate PWA across tenants. Happy yo discuss your specific requirements.