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I have a Microsoft Teams for my work email, but I added a personal account with my personal email for a meeting that I am in for a study group. I am not sure if the 2 or interconnecting and messing something up on the back in. I have a meeting that I can listen, hear, and speak in but I am not able to chat in. The person who runs the meeting sends the meeting invite and I can click on that. I use my phone for the meeting and on my app, I can't participate in the chat and when the meeting is over I cant see the chat history. When the meeting is going on and in the chat room, I have a message that says "There are people from external orgs in this chat. due to policy, you might not be able to see everyone's personal info". I also get the attached error message as well when I try to log in. 

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Hello @damenise ,

Sorry to hear about your Teams issue. It sounds like a Teams policy setting. You have posted in the Microsoft Project community, a project management tool. Here is a link to the Teams community:

Try posting your query there, I'm sure someone in there will be able to help.


Ughhh this was the link the chat person gave me lol okay. Thanks!