Microsoft Projects timeline not working correctly?

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Hey there,


I have been looking high and low for an answer on this, but cannot seem to find an answer anywhere. I have set non-working times in my calendar. They are showing in the timeline but activities are still being scheduled over these periods, and I cannot get this to work correctly. I have created and set a new project calendar, and allocated the correct days as exceptions. In the calendar these days are marked as non-working days. I have applied these to the timeline and these days are grayed out in the timeline window, in the Gantt portion. No matter what I try, the activities are still scheduled to be completed in this period and I cannot get them to be affected by the non-working days, they just sequence themselves back to back, regardless of the calendar or timeline settings.


Anyone know why this is happening?

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Are the resources assigned to the tasks using that calendar? If they're using another calendar then they will be allowed to operate in the manner you describe. I am assuming you haven't set the constraints to a "must" type of course.

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Go to the Resource Sheet view in your project.  For each Work resource in your project, set the Base Calendar value to the calendar in which you entered nonworking time.  Please let us know if this helps.