Microsoft Project Plan 1

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I am using the web version, Plan 1. The user interface is very different than using the tool other times.  I do not see how to create predecessor and successor logic, or how to create a view with different labels at the top of the page like start date, finish date, duration, predecessor, successor, actual start and actual finish.

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jstow001 --

Project for the Web is VERY different than the Microsoft Project desktop application. The only dependency type available in Project for the Web is Finish-to-Start. To link tasks with this dependency, select the tasks you want to link, then right-click in the selected block of tasks and choose the Add Dependency item on the shortcut menu. In Project for the Web, there is no way to create a custom view with your specifications. You are limited to the Grid, Board, and Timeline views only. In addition, the Actual Start and Actual Finish columns do not exist in Project for the Web. If you need all of the functionality outlines in your post, you need to use the Microsoft Project desktop application and NOT Project for the Web. Sorry, but hope this helps.

@Dale HowardThis does help a lot.  Thanks for taking the time to provide a response.  I will likely try to start with the web application and see if I can adapt to it. And if not I will inquire about getting the desktop application.