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Hi Team,


The requirement is: There are 10 projects in my project center, where in I should provide each member access for each project to make changes on schedule part. In this case 1 member should not be able to make changes to other project's schedule except the one he has access to.


How could I provide the permissions to this requirement. Is there a way to do so?


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When you use the term "member", what role are you describing? Are they team members, who are assigned to tasks in the project, and need to submit task updates on their task work? Or are they project managers who need to manage their respective project? The answer I give you depends on your answer. Let us know.
I meant Project manager as "member"
The easiest way to resolve this problem is to set each project manager as the Owner of his/her own projects. To do this, navigate to the Project Center page and click the name of the project. At the top of the Quick Launch menu, click the Project Details link, if necessary. Expand the Project ribbon and then click the Edit button. Click the Browse to the right of the Owner field. In the Pick Resource dialog, select the name of the project manager for this particular project and then click the OK button. Click the Save button in the Project ribbon and then click the Close button and check in the project. The newly designated Owner for this project will now be able to open and edit this project. Hope this helps.