Microsoft Project COM-Add in shows <none> Publisher.

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Hi Team,


We have Microsoft project plugin developed in C# .NET framework.

This is a setup project developed in Visual Studio 2019 which creates msi file.

After installing the msi file we can see the add-in added in the add-ins section of Microsoft project.


The issue here is that in add-ins section it shows Publisher as <none> for our add-in. Also, the location of the file is shown as mscoree.dll instead of our own dll which gets extracted after installation of msi file. We have signed both dll and msi files.


Could you please let us know why it is showing <none> publisher for our add-in? This issue is reported to us as a security issue which blocks user from using this add-in.


Please see screenshot below showing this issue.




Ruturaj Kabdule

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