Meet the new Microsoft Planner: Manage all your tasks and plans in one simple, familiar experience

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Microsoft is bringing together the simplicity of Microsoft To Do, the collaboration of Microsoft Planner, the power of Microsoft Project for the web and the intelligence of Microsoft Copilot into a simple, familiar experience. Discover a new way to manage tasks for individual plans and team initiatives, as well as larger scale project management, aligned to goals and key strategic objectives.


The new Planner will easily scale from simple task management to enterprise project management, empowering everyone to manage their work in one place and accelerate business outcomes. Starting in Spring 2024, the new Planner app will be available in Microsoft Teams, followed by a web experience later in 2024.


Read more about the new Planner on the Planner Blog and join the discussion!


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Meenah --

I think this news will make a lot of Planner users very happy! :)
Meenah, do you know if this new Planner will use the same Project Dataverse tables as Project for the Web? We have a lot of PowerApps and PowerBI reports built on these tables because we are using Project for the Web.
I'm not sure since I'm not with the product team.

I recommend posting your question on the blog post linked above so the authors and product team will see it and can provide an answer for you.

@BjhartlineI believe eventually all data will live in Azure rather than Dataverse, however will have a form of availability via the Graph (mentioned about 20min into this presentation: Doesn't help your existing reports based on those tables.

I am in the middle of making some decisions to move away from Smartsheet and have been evaluating Project for the Web. Some of the added features recently and the plan for combining Planner will help but there are still many questions I have and would love to know more details about helping companies deploy more robust portfolio management using these solutions in Project Plan 5.
cheffe55 --

If you want to use Project for the Web, you can save money by downgrading everyone to a Project Plan 1 license, as Project Plan 5 is meant for application administrators for Project Online and Project Server. Several of us who participate in this forum help organizations to implement Project Online and Project Server, both of which are full-featured Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools. If you would be interested in a brief chat, my business partner and I would be happy to briefly chat with you about what we can offer you. You can find me on LinkedIn and send me a message there with your contact information. Thanks, and hope this helps.
Hi Meenah
When will Planner Premium be available (i.e. the new Project for the Web)?
Many thanks
In our tenant the functionality to copy a Planner project over to a Project for the Web project is available. Hopefully the new Planner app will bring some additional features, other than just have the old Planner project and Planner Premium projects in a single app.
Thanks for this Sakshi. It seems the new Planner app will be available in April 24. The banner in Project for the Web (PfW) last month said PfW would be the new Planner (my understanding this will be Planner Premium but I could be wrong). The logical conclusion is that PfW will be Planner in April. However I have some clients who are worried about the implications of this and a couple of global customers have developed major addins due to the lack of functionality in PfW as the MS Project team recommended that clients move away from POL. Do you know where we can get more information on this, as I for one am quite worried how this will work. Many thanks
Hi James!

We plan to start rolling out the new Planner app in Teams to customers in March. We intend for Project for the web to become Planner later in 2024 but we don't have a specific date to announce for this transition yet. While we can't comment on any specific extensibility capabilities - we want to make this transition as smooth as possible when it starts and intend for the new Planner web experience to support the functionality Project for the web supports today.