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I would appreciate any help or suggestions regarding the error message below. Essentially, I tried to insert a project file (Project 1) into multiple project files (Project A & Project B) as read only so that when I update Project 1, it reflects in Project A & B. Does this mean that you can only insert a sub-project in one master file in Project Online? 





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amaoa -- You can only insert a subproject into ONE master project. That is why you are seeing the warning dialog. Sorry, but hope this helps.
I don't know if it helps but you can insert master plans containing sub-plans into other master plans so that you can have a hierarchy of projects. This can be useful when you have a group of programmes that make up a portfolio. This allows you to look at either just Programme A or see Programme A as part of the wider portfolio.


You should try it. You will see some sort of error/warning. This is still considered inserting a sub projects into multiple master projects. 

I was able to insert a sub-projects into 2 or 3 masters before I couldn't go any further. 

That's odd, I have a significant number of projects organised in this exact manner. My structure is only 3 or 4 layers deep though so maybe this is the difference?