Making a roadmap diagram

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  I often have a need to create a roadmap view of my schedules in powerpoint for executives. Neither the gantt chart nor the timeline view is presentable enough. 

Of course I can manually take the data from MS Project file and put in excel and draw out charts, but it's very time consuming process. I am after a tool which takes MS project as input file and generates a roadmap view, which can be copy pasted in ppt. A bit of googling gave , but it's paid tool.  Is there a similar tool, but free ? 

   Even if there is a template in which I copy paste schedule from .mpp file and the template generates a presentable roadmap view is good enough. 



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NKuman2010 --

I am not aware of any roadmap-type software that is free. For this purpose, I would recommend the OnePager Pro software at:

I know the company owner and I have always liked his company's products. Just a thought. Hope this helps.