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Hello! I am learning MS Project because I have a large file at work that needs to be updated and a lot of work done on it. I am currently learning all about predecessors and I am wondering if there is a method that is generally accepted for how to link tasks to phases etc. My current method involves linking the last task in a given phase to the next phase header - thus creating an arrow from the last task to the black line that stretches over the next phase. Is this a good way to do things?


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Unfortunately it sounds like you're starting off on the wrong foot. Do NOT link summary lines. See this Wiki article: 


As far as the best practice for linking tasks, the approach should be to review the plan to uncover the logical sequence of tasks to be performed, then link those tasks. The majority of links should be from finish of the predecessor task(s) to the start of the successor task(s) [finish-to-start or "FS"]. ALL tasks should have at least one successor, even if it's the finish milestone in the plan and all tasks should have at least on predecessor, except for tasks that start at project start, or, have special circumstances that validate the task starting independently (e.g. a resource will only be available after a certain time).


Do not links tasks that are not truly dependent, the idea is to create a valid logical sequence (network).


Hope this helps.



Thanks so much for the response - especially the point about making sure every task has a link. If this weren't the case the the whole file wouldn't be dynamic and a single change could throw things off. Really appreciate it!
You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.