Linking an Enterprise Custom Field in PWA to Project Desktop

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Hi there, perhaps there's someone who can assist.


I'm creating Enterprise Custom Fields, for example one is called "High-level status" which is a Project-wide field that is just multiple lines of text without any look-up tables.


How do I "Import it" into Project Desktop so that my Project Managers can edit the field in there at all times? When I go to Custom Fields, I don't see the field there, it only displays in PWA.

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Hello @khyron 

Multiline fields are only available on Project Detail Pages in PWA. Other enterprise custom fields will be in Project Desktop.


I don't think I understand.

When I go to project desktop and then custom fields, I can't seem to import the enterprise fields to add to the global project desktop template.

@khyron You will need to "connect" your Project Desktop to your PWA. By creating a Profile in your Project Desktop. Please see this reference.