Link subprojects to master project if you don't have a network drive

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Hey we have a master project with a resource pool which is shared with individual plans/subprojects. However, we are not able to link the subprojects to the master project on SharePoint and we don't have a network drive. What is the alternative?

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Naomi --

I think your only option would be to save them in a shared folder on your laptop or someone else's laptop. Then share the folder with Read/Write access to your fellow PMs. Hope this helps.

Thanks @Dale Howard 

I've tried to save them to my OneDrive but you can't share them in the same way that you can with Excel/Word - they can only be shared as Read only (as far as I can tell). It's really frustrating as one of the reasons why we went for MS Project is because of its ability to link subprojects to a master project, but I didn't discover until we started using it that you can't do this on SharePoint.

NaomiBrill --

You cannot use OneDrive for this because SharePoint is the backend software that drives OneDrive. Have you considered upgrading to Project Online? You would still be using Microsoft Project as your scheduling tool, but your projects would be stored in the Project Online database. And in Microsoft Project, you would be able to do everything you want to do with master projects. If you are using Project Online Professional (the M365 version of the Microsoft Project desktop) this means that your organization would be able to begin using Project Online without additional cost. The only catch is that you will probably need to solicit the help of someone (shameless plug - someone like me) who is experienced in setting up Project Online so that it matches your organization's project management processes and procedures. Hope this helps.
Thanks Dale but my understanding is you can't add a resource pool on the online version, and there's way less functionality than the desktop version
I might be getting a bit confused between project online and project for the web. We have plan 3 so I actually think we already have project online, but are currently setting everything up in the desktop version. What would you (or other support) need to do to set up project online?
NaomiBrill --

Your M365 administrator would need to create a Project Web App instance of your Project Online system. You would then need to create a Login account in Microsoft Project that connects it to Project Web App. Whomever is your Project Online administrator would then be able to create the Enterprise Resource Pool in PWA, which would make all of those resources available to every project that is created in Project Online. AND you would be able to successfully create your master projects. Hope this helps.
NaomiBrill --

Are you using Project for the Web ( or are you using Project Online ( Which URL do you see when you access web app?
Hi Dale,
I've just been given access to Project Online! Will I be able to upload our existing plans that we created using the desktop app?
Many thanks,
Naomi --

Yes, but confirm the following:

1. Your Project Online app admin has added you to the Project Managers security group.
2. Your app admin has populated the Enterprise Resource Pool with names of the project managers and team members in your organization.
3. Your app admin has changed the default permission to allow you to save master projects in Project Online. It's in the Additional Server Settings dialog.
4. In Microsoft Project you have created your PWA Login account, then exit Microsoft Project.
5. Launch Microsoft Project and connect to PWA.

Once you have done this, you can open each of your MPP files, click File > Save As, and save them in Project Online. You can also build your project team in each subproject with enterprise resources from the Enterprise Resource Pool.

Hope this helps.
Hi Dale,
Thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it!
I have been working with our IT support team who unfortunately are not able to help much as they do not have expertise in Project, even after doing a fair amount of research online. I however have managed to set up the Enterprise Resource Pool, but having problems with the Enterprise/Standard Calendar. I somehow managed to add one exception, but can't edit it anymore. It's saying it has been checked out but I can't work out how to uncheck it or edit it. Do you have any ideas?
Also you said in order for us to save existing desktop projects into the online version, we have to make sure to allow this permission in the Additional server settings - can you confirm if this is the checkbox "Allow master projects to be saved and published"? Does anything else have to be checked?
How do I create my PWA login account?
Any further support you could provide regarding setting up the Enterprise calendar and converting the projects created in the desktop app to the online app would be incredibly helpful.
Thanks, Naomi
Naomi --

The first thing you need to do is to create your Project Online login account in Microsoft Project. To do this, complete the following steps:

1. Click Microsoft Project and then open a new blank project, if needed.
2. Click File > Info > Manage Accounts.
3. Click the Add... button in the Project Web App Accounts dialog.
4. Enter a friendly name in the Account Name field, enter the URL of your Project Web App in the Project Server URL field, leave the "Set as default account" checkbox selected, and then click the OK button.
5. In the lower left corner of the Project Web App Accounts dialog, select the Choose An Account option, and then click the OK button.
6. Exit Microsoft Project completely and then relaunch the software.
7. In the Login dialog, click the OK button to connect Microsoft Project to Project Online.

From your description, it sounds like your enterprise Standard calendar is stuck in a Checked Out state. To force check it in, do the following:

1. Launch your preferred web browser and navigate to the Home page of PWA.
2. In the upper right corner of the page, click the Settings menu button (it looks like a gear wheel) and then select the PWA Settings item.
3. In the upper right corner of the PWA Settings page, click the "Force check in enterprise objects" link.
4. At the top of the page, click the pick list and select the Enterprise Calendars item.
5. Select the enterprise Standard calendar and then click the Check In button.

Once the enterprise Standard calendar is checked in, return to the PWA Settings page and click the Enterprise Calendars link at the top of the page. On the Enterprise Calendars page, select the Standard calendar and then click the Edit button. This action will launch Microsoft Project, connect it to Project Online, and then open the enterprise Standard calendar for editing. You will need to add all of your company's holidays as nonworking time for at least 5 years or so.

Also, the answer is "Yes" to the question about the "Allow master projects to be saved and published" option needing to be selected so that you can save your master project.

Naomi, if you need professional help with setting up and using Project Online in your organization, I would be grateful if you would allow me to compete for your business. I think I have already proven my skills and knowledge to you on this thread. Hope this helps.
Thanks so much for your help so far. I think I'm at the point now where I've got everything I need up and running, but will definitely keep you in mind if we require any further support.