Link different Sharepoint site to a Project

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we have a Project and and its associated Sharepoint site has been placed under the wrong URL. 


I know that you can unlink a Sharepoint site from a Project and that you can create new Sites here:



But I can't find a way to simply change the URL of a connected site, or at least UNlink + RElink an existing site. 





We use Sharepoint & Project Online (Cloud only).

Yes, I am the global admin of the company, but Project is just a small part of my work, that I usually try to avoid :) 


Thanks in advance!


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Hello @leborw ,

If the new site exists in the correct location already, it needs to to use the linking option, you can select that project then click the "Edit Site Address" button and unlink the current project site. Select the Project again and click the "Edit Site Address" button again, now type the correct relative URL for the new Project site in the Site URL input. Test the URL to confirm it works as expected then click OK.


@Paul Mather 

Hi Paul, 

thanks for your reply, but that's not exactly what I meant. 

We have this one project with one Sharepoint site. There's no "new" site. 

I just want to move this one site to another location, to be a subsite of another main project. Because 


I think I could create a new site, and move the contents manually from one library to the other, but I don't want to mess around with permissions and shared links, so it would be great if there is any way to move/relink the entire site including all it's properties. So basically the only thing that needs to be changed is the URL.




Hello @leborw ,

To migrate a site and maintain the permissions etc. I think you might need to look at a 3rd party SharePoint migration tool. Or you might be able to save the site as a template then go to the subsite and create a new site there using the new template. I've not done this before though so I can't confirm it works etc. but try in on a test / non-prod PWA instance and ensure it all links up correctly including, permissions, issues and risks syncing back to PWA with no queue errors etc. If that works you might then be able to repeat that on Prod PWA.