Last Saved Project Baseline date stored on SQL database

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I am using Professional 2019 and on Prem Project server 2019. Project is baselined on Professional or in PWA (Project web app), through Set baseline option.

I am looking for the date that the baseline was created for the project, not the values that the baseline stores for tasks. Where is last saved baseline date stored on the database in order to extract that data for the SSRS report. Can anyone direct us to where that data is stored in SQL database?

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Thank you so much @Paul Mather . Appreciate your response. I looked at the article and VB macro is used to store last saved baseline date in custom fields.  That is a neat workaround.

Is there any way to know how it is showing the last saved date on PWA? It must store this data somewhere on the SQL database. Will the workaround work if the baseline is set through PWA? 

Hello @Ana-S ,

No it won't work for baselines created in the PWA UI. The out of the box date is not available to query in a supported way in the DB as it is not in the reporting schema. 


Oh I see. Wish they published that information so we could pick that information on our SSRS. Even if it stored in published or draft schema, it would be easy to pick without putting workaround.
Thank you Paul.