Issue with Resource Calendar exceptions and their Base calendar

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I'm having a little problem with changing a resource Base Calendar where a resource already has exceptions.

I think it is best described with a little scenario


There is a project calendar of 5 working Days (Mon-Fri).

Most project resources work this standard week, so they inherit the project calendar as their Base Calendar.

There is one Team that only works three days (Wed-Fri), so a calendar has been created where the “Work Weeks” has Mon and Tue as non-working time. This calendar has been assigned as the Base Calendar for each member of that team.

There is one week only where one member of that team is able to work on a Monday as well as the three standard days, so a resource calendar has been created for them noting that extra day’s availability as an Exception. This resource still has the three-day work week as their base calendar.

So far so good, everything is working with tasks being scheduled for their expected days.


Now here is the problem

In this scenario that team has changed to working Tue to Thu instead (still three days). I then update the work weeks on the special team calendar to be Tue-Thu instead.

This special three-day team calendar is still the Base Calendar for all resources in that team.


Resources in that team that do not have any exceptions now have their work scheduled for Tue to Thu.

However, that resource with the one day exception is still being scheduled for work Wed-Fri with no work on Tue.


It “appears” that a snapshot of the Base Calendar was applied to the resource at the time the exception was made with changes to the Base Calendar no longer being applied.


I would have thought that by changing the Work periods in the Base Calendar that would automatically propagate to all of the resources that use it. Am I missing something? Is there anyway to force it to propagate through?


I do have a work-around whereby I manually change the base calendar for the resource to something else and then change it back to the special three day calendar. This retains the exceptions for the resource but appears to reset the Base component.


Thanks in advance

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I get the same "latency" behavior you report. I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work the way you expect but Project does have its little nuances. I know of no way to circumvent the behavior other than the work around.

You could report it via the feedback channel but to be honest, it's likely of such minor concern I doubt any action will be taken.