Issue with predecessor dialog window

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I'm having a weird issue with predessors. In my main canvas, I have some predecessors, but, lately, if I press on one of my task, I don't see any predecessor on the proper window and it is very annoying.


Is it a bug or I'm doing something wrong?





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Dariocg --

In the Gantt Chart view, drag the split bar to the right edge of the Predecessors column, and then capture a screenshot to share with us. The Predecessors column will tell you which tasks have Predecessors and which ones do not. Let us know and we will try to help you.

@Dale Howard 

Sorry, I didn't realise header is not visible. Predecessor is the first one at the right of the task name. The highlighted one has "6"

Dariocg --

Well, that indicates the Predecessor has been set for the task in question. There are certainly easier ways to do dependency planning than using the Predecessors page of the Task Information dialog. For example, you can select a block of dependent tasks and then click the Link the Selected Tasks button in your Task ribbon. Or you could simply type the task ID numbers in the Predecessors column. Just a few options for you. Hope this helps.
The issue is I don’t see predecessor inside the task information window, so if I want to add delay I have to set from scratch the predecessor.

(See my previous screenshot)