Integrating MsProject Online with a tool to manage micro-tasks

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my company would like to use MsProject Online with the following requirements:
a) Macro-planning: MsProject Online is used mainly by the project manager who, in addition to the other aspects, manages him directly the planning of the macro-activities (in the agile world we could call this macro-activities as epics)
b) Micro-planning: Use another tool to decompose these macro-activities into more granular micro-activities that will be implemented by the team. The relations between macro-activity and micro-activities is 1-n
c) Managing micro-planning in sprints with boards and kanban.
d) be able to link micro-planning activities with macro-planning activities, i.e., know which micro-activities are part of which macro-activities. Ms-Planner for example is not usable because it does not allow linking a project_online-task with multiple planner-tasks
e) the team has an up-to-date view of the macro-activities with the relative gantt without accessing MsProject Online for licensing cost reasons. It would be optimal to have a plugin or script that "transforms" Ms Project online tasks into a sharepoint task list.


Is there a plugin or some integration tool that allows me to meet these requirements?




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