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I am new to project. I work for a world wide organization and we have various projects from different departments within the organization. I wanted to know if Project will allow me to have integrated schedules between all of the various project within the organization. 

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@johnhartz8080 , if you mean the integration between MS Project which is the dependency between the projects then yes you can. If not then you have to import the schedule in to MS Project format and then create the dependency.


Hi John


What do you mean by integrating scheduling between projects?


Ignacio Martín


First of all, which version of Project do you have (e.g. desktop, Project Online, Project for the Web)?


Assuming you have the desktop version of Project (e.g. Project 2010 through 2021 Pro), then yes, multiple "subprojects" can be integrated into a single master but there are precautions. Depending on the size and complexity of each organization's project, it may make sense to create a single large file with each organizational project as a separate summary.


If you have Project Online, that is an enterprise version of Project and perfectly suited for the scenario your describe.