Initial Baseline vs actual status in a project in project for the web

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Hello. I would like to be able to show the baseline of a project in project for the web or in power bi, but I don't see how to do it.
The company's management requires me to have an initial baseline that can be seen at the same time as the current status of the project, in order to compare the deviation of both the project as a whole and each of the tasks. Could you tell me if this is possible? I am using the accelerator template and I have tried to add some additional field to achieve it, without success. I have also looked for some visual object that allows me to visualize the current state of the project and the initial baseline, but I have not been able to. Could you give me indications as to whether this is possible? Thanks in advance.

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Juanma1974 --

One of the features that is not currently available in Project for the Web is the baselines feature. Without a baseline, there is no way to calculate variance in the project. Perhaps Microsoft will add the baseline feature sometime in the future, but it is not currently available. Sorry, but hope this helps.
Thanks so much Dale, I will wait until Microsoft had this improvement in its roadmap. Until then, do you know any solution to be able to see it in Power BI or PowerApps? Perhaps some partner has had this same need in his company, being something so necessary in a project, and has temporarily solved it in some other way. Best regards
Juanma1974 --

I am not aware of any way to work around this limitation using a Power BI report. I am not a Power Apps expert, so I will invite others who have this skill to comment based on their experience with Project for the Web.