Inactive Tasks show up in Capacity Planning Charts in Resource Center (Project Online)

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Hi all

I just noticed the following behaviour which (from my perspective) should be different:

  • I added a task in a project and assigned a resource to it, published the project plan
  • This task now shows up in the resource's task sheet, it shows up in resource center "Resource Assignments" view and it shows up in resource center "Capacity Planning" diagram
  • I inactivated the task and published the project plan again.
  • Now the task is still shown in the diagram of the "Capacity Planning" feature which is wrong from my perspective.  The other mentioned views do not show it anymore as expected.

Looking forward to your feedbacks :)


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Grüzi Adrian,

Looks like a bug to me, too. Did you file a O365 ticket?



Hey Trutz

thanks for checking from your side. Yes, it looks like a bug and I opened already a ticket for it. Let's see what will come out :)

I now got the confirmation that it is a known issue and the Microsoft development team is currently working on a fix.





What did we ever do before Google, I was frustrated by this bug all day, now I can at least rest assured that MS knows about it. Are they actively working on this tool, or do they believe they have bigger things to do? There are serious issues with Portfolio Analysis... IMHO