In what extend can you share a project?

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I am interested in purchasing Projects for my team. Plan 3. We all have an office 365 License with teams, SharePoint etc.

But there is something which is not clear:


  • Let's say I buy Projects Plan 3 for myself
  • I create a project with tasks and deadlines
  • Once the project is ready, I want to share it with my people
  • Q: Can I share it on TEAMS for everyone to see? (Knowing that I am the only one with a Projects License?)
  • Q: If yes, Can my people perform simple edits on the project in Teams? (Change the status to completed for instance).
  • Or do every people needs its own License as well to perform any single edit?

Thank you



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Kevin --

The only way to share the project in teams would be to add it to a file library for a Team, as there is no Teams web part for projects created with the Microsoft Project desktop application. And everyone who needs to be able to open will need a Project Plan 3 license and will need to download the Project Online Professional (aka Microsoft Project desktop) to their computers. Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard 


Hi Dale, 


That helps a lot!

Thank you for your answer.