Importing Excel while maintainging Summary (Rollup) Tasks

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Hi All 


Can I import Summary (Rollup) tasks to MS Project if the data is in Excel?


I have an Excel spreadsheet - It's an output from a Builder's scheduling tool, it's not great, I won't name names but the only extract I get is a task list ID, Name, Dates, Resources, Predecessors and the Coulumn  for the task info also includes the rollup task name that the task belongs to, they refer to it as 'Phase' I can't see a way to import to into MS Project and create a hierarchical view


Thanks for any assistance 



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Tahawai --

Yes, this is possible. What you will need to do is to add a column named Outline Level in the Excel workbook. If the summary tasks represent Phases, as you mention, then you should set the Outline Level value to 1 for those summary tasks. For the subtasks that appear below the summary task in question, set the Outline Level value to 2. Save those changes to the Excel workbook, and then you should be able to import those tasks from the workbook into your Microsoft Project schedule. Hope this helps.