Importing a plan from Google Sheet

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Earlier I was using Smartsheet project management tool and now corporate has moved us into MS Project Online. I had exported a Smartsheet plan into Google Sheet. 


How do I import the Google Sheet plan into MS Project? I downloaded the Google Sheet as an Excel file. Tried to import it, but I am unable to map the data. 


I am subscribed to Project Plan 3.




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Robert --

Since you have a Project Plan 3 subscription, did you download and install the Project Online Professional application (aka the Microsoft Project desktop application)? If not, you will need to do that. Once done, you will be able to import your project from the Excel workbook into Microsoft Project. Hope this helps.

Hi @Dale Howard 


Yes, I downloaded the desktop version. I did the following: 


1.  Downloaded the Google Sheet plan as an Excel file (.xlsx). 

2. Launched the MS Project Desktop client. 

3. Click on "File" option and selected "New from Excel Workbook" 

4. Import Wizard dialog box appeared

5. Chose "New Map" 

6. Selected "As a new project" option to import the file. 

7. Selected "Tasks, Resources, Assignments" as types of data to be imported. 

8. In the next screen of the Import Wizard, i am unable to select the column under the "From: Excel field" and hence not able to map it "To: Microsoft Project field"..


this is where i am getting stuck at. 

Hi Sarthak
I am sorry, but I am unable to understand what you are indicating.

Hi @Sarthak-Kala 

Yes, I am beginning to gather that we can't import a project plan from Google Sheet. Currently, i am going through a painful process of manually entering the project plan in MS Project, as I need to soon share the plan with the stakeholders.  

In parallel, i am keeping my fingers crossed that someone can throw some light as to why I am unable to map the Excel columns with the MS Project columns. 

Robert --

Can you send us a screenshot of the Import Wizard dialog where you are not able to map one or more Excel fields with a Microsoft Project field? It would help us to troubleshoot your problem. Let us know and we will try to help you.


If I may step in. Reading your previous post about not being able to select Excel fields, could it be as simple as failing to select a "Source Worksheet Name"? And bear in mind that if you intent to import tasks, resources and assignments, those elements need to be on separate Worksheets in Excel.



Robert --

John's reply helped me to figure out what might be your problem. When you go to import the Excel workbook, only select the Tasks option in the Import Wizard dialog. If you select Tasks, Resources, and Assignments, then you Excel workbook MUST have three worksheets. Most of the time, you can successfully import an Excel workbook only using the Tasks option. Just a follow up to John's excellent post. Hope this helps.

Hi @John-project 


I selected the "Source Worksheet" and also selected the "Tasks" checkbox. I am  unable to pull down the list in the "From: Excel field" and also map "To Microsoft Project field". Attaching the screenshot of my map wizard. 


OK Dale.. i did try out what John mentioned, but i am yet unsuccessful. I have shared the screenshots of the Map Wizard as part of John's response.
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Robert --

I ran into this exact problem when I exported a project from Project for the Web to an Excel workbook. When I tried to import the workbook into Microsoft Project, the From: Excel field rows were blank in the Import Wizard dialog.

Oddly enough, I was able to resolve the problem by copying and pasting the contents of the original Excel workbook into a totally new blank workbook and then saving it with a different name. I would suggest that you try this method to see if it resolves your problem as well. Hope this helps.
It sounds like Dale may have the solution for you. However if you are still having issues, VBA is a fallback solution and I'd be happy to help you with that.
Hi Dale,
Your solution worked!! .. thank you so much. The import wasn't clean in terms of the right columns getting imported, but the original issue of not being able to import is resolved.
Thank you so much..
Will work on streamlining the mapped data to get the desired results.
Hi John.
The solution that Dale provided worked. In the sense i was able to import the data into the MS Project.
The issue is that i am not getting the desired results, which i need to further fine tune the importing of data.
Thank you so much for helping me..
You're welcome and thanks for the feedback. Please mark Dale's response as the answer.
Done John.. thank you for all the help :)
Robert --

You are more than welcome for the help, my friend. :)
Thank you so much :)