How to turn off notes “multiple line” message (MS Project 2013)

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I use notes extensively to track comments in meeting.  I only have a single string – not multiple lines of text – but I keep getting the popup “multiple lines” message. How can I turn that off?  It interferes with both productivity and the flow of the meeting. 

(Company just upgraded me from 2007 project to 2013; not a problem before.)

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Interesting, I've never seen such a message before. Are you using a desktop version of Project 2013 or something else? How exactly do you enter text in the Notes field? Can you post a screen shot?


desktop version. Just closed my laptop for 3-day weekend; will get that to you on Monday. Thanks!

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I’m using a desktop version of MS Project 2013. I’ve added a Notes column to the right of Resource Names in the Gantt Chart view and enter the notes there. I add to them each week when the team meets (and in between if I receive any pertinent info).

I would LOVE to get rid of this annoying popup. It only happens when the text string gets long. Any help appreciated.

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I've been using Project in various versions for over 20 years and I've never seen that message and it took me a while to figure out how to even make the message appear. The reason it appears is that at some point a user entered multiple lines of Notes field text via the Notes tab of the Task Information window. That's the only way, other than through VBA, a user can create multiple lines of text. Once those multiple lines of notes text exist for a given task, attempting to edit the notes text via the Notes field as a column in a view, will trigger the message.


The answer to your question is, you cannot enter further Notes field text via the Notes field directly, you must either convert all task Notes field text to single lines of text less than 255 characters with no carriage returns, or only enter Notes field text via the Task Information window. I suggest you do the latter as that will allow you to take full advantage of Notes field editing capabilities (i.e. font formatting, multiple lines, bulleted lists, ability to insert objects like an Excel table, text from a Word document, or images).



Thanks @John-project. Someone owned the most troublesome project plan before I took it over, so perhaps they did use multiple lines (although it doesn't appear that way now). Time to rebuild the plan!

As to using the Task Information window, I don't need formatting and my notes are quite cryptic; I add the most recent in front of what's already there (so we see most recent note from the Gantt view); I separate with a semicolon. I appreciate your insights. Thanks again.

You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.

Just bear in mind that when you enter the notes text in that way, you will be prevented from entering any more text when the total text string reaches 255 characters. Entering notes text via the Task Information window will allow you to enter an essentially unlimited amount of text whether or not your use any formatting. And, in so doing, you will also have a complete record, albeit not displayed in the Notes field when displayed as a column, of all notes text that is entered.


As an added reference you may want to take a look at the following Wiki article: 


I'm sorry to pester you in this way but I could really benefit from a macro you wrote that allows exporting a project hierarchy to excel (along with a few mods). But I'm getting a compile error (user-defined type not defined).  Is there any way to contact you on this? I could really use your help!

Dave - can be reached at dave.franchino(at) or 608-three three four - 5788 

Thank you so very much!

Are you saying you tried running the macro I wrote in the referenced link and got the error? If so try this:
While in the VB Editor go to, Tools > References. In the list of references find the one for Microsoft Excel XX.X Object Library and select it. Hit OK and then try running the macro. Once that reference is set you shouldn't have to set it again.

If you still have issues, contact me at the address below. I will ask some questions.
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