How to shift action bar at the beginning

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Hi all,

Sometimes happens something like that:
- I set a link with the previus and following action

- I set a duration

- I force the end of the action (longer of the once previusly planned)

this is the diagram:


Is there any way to shift the bar at the beginning and having the connection line at the end rather than at the beginning of the action?


Thank you


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When you "force the end" I assume you mean you are directly entering later date in the Finish field. That sets a finish-no-earlier-than constraint on the task and pushes it to the end of the span.

Directly entering dates into either th Start or Finish fields is bad practice because it does set a constraint and that interferes with Project's ability to create a dynamic schedule. If you want the task to have a delay I suggest you insert a lead or lag as appropriate.

what do you mean with "insert a lead or lag"? can I have an example?
thank you


Wow, where have you been for two weeks?


This example shows a 10 day lag on task c and a 2 day lag on the milestone.



Ok, I see… I was wondering something different. Try to imagine you have a deadline on 27th of may. Instead to have lag of number of days I’d like to have lag depending of a proper date. In this way, if I move previous task, my deadline remains still the same.
I don’t know if it is clear
(I missed your reply ☺️)


Project has a Deadline field that can be used as a reference for a task or milestone. In this example all tasks are dynamic, allowing them free movement. The deadline shows graphically how close the finish milestone is to the deadline. Is that what you want? If not, please explain in more detail.