How to put Notes and priority fields data in Task POST API

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I am able to create task through API but I am including Notes and priority field but while I am checking it through API, Notes are not visible there.
Below is the API:



  "title""Postman Test 13",
  "priority" : 1,
  "description""This is test description",
  "Notes""Test Notes",
  "body": {
        "content""This is test body",
  "Subject""Test Subject",
  "appliedCategories": {
For priority I am using valid range of values between 0 and 10.
Notes and Priority are not working as expected through API.
How can I resolve this?
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Hello @srrepswal,

There is a dedicated Planner community - this is the Project community, you might find you get a quicker response here for Planner queries in the furture: 

To be able to set the priority value you will need to be using the beta API and not version 1.0 - It is not possible to set the Notes field (well not according to the docs)

There is also a dedicate forum for the Tasks Graph API: 

Hope that helps