How to link Project and Excel in real time

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The question is simple: I would like to connect a Project (Gantt view table) with Excel and the see the changes in real time. At present, I am using the extraction from Project to Excel but it is quite slow and not in real time.

Moreover, if it is possible to do the opposite thing. Connect excel to project to add new dates and information (in my case, real dates and percentage of completed tasks). I was thinking about hyperlinks, but if it is to transfer too much information, will it give too many errors? So if there is a more reliable way.


Thank you in advance.

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Sir PMA85,
If you give more attention to Project funciontions, may you do not need to use the Excel.
You could explorer the relatories to build one specific to your end.
So, this is my simple and own opinion. Explore it and you will can do more.

Thank you for your advice @marciusmgsouza . But really, Project is not prepared for so many restrictions dates and relations between tasks. Sometimes a task cannot coincide with another one, so it is successor and predecessor at the same time, and there are other dates acting as restrictions involved for the same task). So I need the support of Excel. I guess it will be solved by VB. But  I do not the language. If there is someone able to help, it will be very appreciated.


Dear sr @PMA85 

The tasks (more than one) can be operate at the same time. And the Project alert you if you use the same resource.
So, quite all the time, when I go to find a limit, most of those points are unknonwed of the funciont, or possibility.

Anyway, I wish you find your solution as soon as possible.

All the best to you!