how to import a planner project into project?

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God day.


We initially made our project in Planner.

This was not sufficient regarding project managing.  

We now got Project, is there a way to use our existing planner tasks in project? 

There seem to be easy the other way, from project tasks to planner, but what about the other way?


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Sorry @Magnus88, there isn't an easy way.  Please post in UserVoice if you haven't already - this is a great suggestion!

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@Magnus88 I think this is a common issue as it is unclear the different functionality between Planner and Project until you start using Planner. It makes sense that a Planner project could be imported into the Project subscription software for greater functionality.

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It's a faff but one migration path (assuming you want to use PFTW) if to export the planner to Excel, get a P3 License from your org that allows for you to use project desktop, copy tasks from Excel to Project desktop then upload that MPP file to PFTW. There is a similar MPP import function for Project Online. If you are just using Project Desktop then stop at the desktop point.

I realise this is 4 years old, but I thought it might help someone with this problem.

I had this exact issue, there is a way to do this. A helpful support chap at Microsoft helped me. Steps are:

Go to the Planner web page open the plan you want to import to project and get the plan ID from the URL and save that in notepad.


Next, go to your project environment and add this at the end of the URL:



replace [planid] with the code you copied earlier. 


This imports the plan into the project as a copy. The only issue is that it doesn't sync back to the planner; instead, it creates a copy of the plan, so you need to delete or not use the original planner item. I'm completely new to the project, so not sure if that is correct or not! But that was how I was told to get it working. 

Hope it helps.  

Within Planner there is an option to copy a Planner Basic project over to Planner Premium (Pftw) project in the default environment.  Open the project then to the right of the Schedule tab/view click .... then select Copy plan to Project.   

You can also copy it over to a named instance by following the instructions in the first reply of this post Planner: Copy a plan to a premium plan - Microsoft Community Hub