how to import a planner project into project?

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God day.


We initially made our project in Planner.

This was not sufficient regarding project managing.  

We now got Project, is there a way to use our existing planner tasks in project? 

There seem to be easy the other way, from project tasks to planner, but what about the other way?


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Sorry @Magnus88, there isn't an easy way.  Please post in UserVoice if you haven't already - this is a great suggestion!

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@Magnus88 I think this is a common issue as it is unclear the different functionality between Planner and Project until you start using Planner. It makes sense that a Planner project could be imported into the Project subscription software for greater functionality.

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It's a faff but one migration path (assuming you want to use PFTW) if to export the planner to Excel, get a P3 License from your org that allows for you to use project desktop, copy tasks from Excel to Project desktop then upload that MPP file to PFTW. There is a similar MPP import function for Project Online. If you are just using Project Desktop then stop at the desktop point.