How to find Resource usage across projects

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I have opened 7 projects in MSProjects cloud using enterprise resources.

6 out of these have been inserted in a main project.

Now I want to know list of tasks for each resource.

I tried the HELP links on this but I cannot see the list of tasks for each resourse across all projects. Earlier this was easily available under the Tab of Reports>Resources> who does what when.

PL let me know where I can get the list.

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suneelmo63 --

If you apply the Resource Usage view from any of the open projects, Microsoft Project will display each resource and the tasks to which the resource is assigned across all of the open projects. I would recommend you insert the Project column to the left of the Resource Name column so that you can determine which tasks belong to which projects. Hope this helps.

@Dale HowardThx very very much Dale!! I did not know that all projects have to kept open. NOW I can see all tasks of resources.

Thx again.