How to fetch the details of deleted tasks using Project API queries Microsoft Project Online

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We are having a project online PWA site which is being used for creating Project plans for which Tasks and Milestones are associated. The data from the PWA is retrieved for utilisation of the same in the Power BI.


We are using a Project Odata tasks api '<sitename>/_api/ProjectData/Tasks?$filter=(TaskModifiedDate ge datetime'2023-08-07T00:00:00Z' and TaskModifiedDate lt datetime'2023-08-07T02:00:00Z')' to get the records, which are consumed by third party tool to create a datatable.

we are using 'TaskModifiedDate' as a filter to get only the records that had updates and upsert is done accrdingly to the data table.


If any Task is deleted for a Project plan in PWA, the deleted task details would not be fetched using the query, due to which the same task details would still be present in the data table and have been already deleted from the Project web app which results in data mismatch.


Can anyone please suggest on how to overcome this issue. Is there anyway where we can get the deleted task details, which can then be used to delete the same record in the downstream data table as well.

Much appreciate your help !!

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