How to enable Project Roadmap in Non Default Environment

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Hi all, 

I'd like to enable Project Roadmap ( in my non-default environment. I have created the DLP in the non-default environment and also confirmed that at O365 admin level the feature is allowed. When I run the PowerShell commands given in the documentation, I get the following error: "The DLP policy
'd9591068-7efc-499a-ad56-c97cc5a3c6e9' is applied to a different environment 'xxxxxxxxx-e2a8-9f9f-358e8cbef616' from the provided environment ''."}}




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I raised this with MS and their support team said (I quote): "Project Roadmap feature won't work in the custom environment as it is by design".
This implies that Roadmap can only be enabled in the default environment. It'd require a DLP be created by global admin.