How to enable Auto Save on Project 2016?

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Hello everyone!


When I posed this question to all encompassing search engines (including MS) I get a flurry of articles telling me to go into save options and enable autosave so it saves every 5 minutes, etc.


That's not the autosave I'm looking for.

All my other office apps have a toggle button on the title bar "Autosave ON or Off" which works in conjunction with Microsoft OneDrive to automatically save your file while working, as well as provide the ability to have your office files on your local system and automatically backed up to the cloud.


I can't find any articles about how to enable this.   Please advise what I am missing.

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Hello @EricFromNorCal ,

This feature seen below is not available in MS Project desktop:


It is just the Auto Save options here:





@Paul Mather Thanks for the response, Paul!  Do we know why this option is not available in MS Project?


Enabling Auto Save in the Options screen does NOT enable this slider button.  Its an entirely different functionality (it just does a Save every certain number of minutes you set)  It also blows away your Undo/Redo when you use this feature - so I'm not interested.




It would be great if someone from MS could chime in and explain why this feature is missing from Project, or how I can enable it.


Hello @EricFromNorCal,

Yes this does work different to other office products (Word , Excel etc.) but Project is a different product to these. I'm not sure anyone from Microsoft will respond here. Probably best to raise the suggestion here: 


Thanks! I posted that same question in the feedback.