How to Drive 1 Resource to Do 2 Simultaneous Tasks - Same Days, 50% Allocation to Each

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I am trying to put together a schedule for one of our (construction) projects and want 1 crew to be assigned to do two tasks simultaneously (crew splits in half on the same days). The 2 tasks both have a duration of 15 days, and I've assigned the resource to each task and set it to 50%. These are the ONLY tasks with non-100% allocation right now, and then have the same predecessors and successors so they SHOULD run concurrently....but they don't. The first task is going first, at 15 days and 50% allocation, followed by the second task at 15 days and 50% allocation, for a total of 30 day duration (should be 15 day total duration). Any assistance here would be appreciated.



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Are you sure you didn't accidentally make one task a predecessor of the other?

Did you level your plan?

A screen shot might help but it should generally look like this





My (more complicated) setup looks similar to what you have above. Both activities have the same predecessor and are allocated at 50%, and the project has been updated and leveled. The sequence that is supposed to be concurrent (see screen shot) repeats a few times as we do the cycle of tasks repeatedly at multiple locations, but it seems only one instance of this has stacked up as concurrent - the rest are all going sequentially (sometimes task 1 goes first, sometimes task 2 first, not sure why either).


Let me know if the attached screenshots help at all.


EDIT: wouldnt let me attach the screenshot in the body for some reason so it's here as an attachment


You say you used leveling and that is the most likely reason for the non-concurrency. Why the tasks are concurrent in one case but not in others, I can't tell without actually looking at your file.


When you leveled, did you level the whole project or do selective leveling?


Hi ! The reason is leveling.
Red Task group (71, 79) and (72, 80) mutually leveled due to performing at the same time.
Personally, I do not use leveling for construction project. It often does not provide optimal leveling and generates none-optimal schedule.