How to display Work in days within Project Center - Projects page?

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Hi all, I need to show Work in Days within the Project Center view under PWA (Project Online).


I found on some old TechNet forum a very old thread with the same question dated 2011 stating that this is not possible.


I wonder if in the last 10 years the problem has been resolved or if a workaround has been found out by someone. How do I show Work units in days within a "Project Center - Projects" view (whether it is a built-in view or a custom defined view)?


Thank you

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Paolone67 -- By default, Duration is shown in Days and Work is shown in Hours in the Project Center page. There is no way to change this as far as I am aware. Sorry, but hope this helps.

@Dale Howard 

No workaround either?



Paolone67 -- Well, if you want a workaround, your application administrator would need to create an enterprise custom Project field of the Duration type, and then enter a formula that converts the Work value from Hours to Days. And then this custom field would need to be added to Project Center views wherever needed. Hope this helps.

I tried that. It does not work, unfortunately.
The project level custom field shows an empty cells column, the task level custom field is not available when defining the Project Center view.

Did I mess up something in my test? Do you confirm you can make it work?

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After creating the custom Project field, you need to open each project, press the F9 function key to recalculate it, then save and publish the project.
In addition, what formula did you create in the custom Project field? And did you use a Duration field for the formula? Please let us know and we will try to help you.

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Thank you very much Dale!!!


The F9 did the magic. It was the step I was missing.


Now it works. Thank you again!

You are more than welcome for the help, my friend!