How to display Custom column data in Gantt Chart in Project 2016 ?


Gantt chart by default displays only duration and % complete data for a task. I have created a custom Number 1 column which calculates % time elapsed and comes in decimal. I then have a Text 1 col (say Planned % Complete) , which converts this decimal data into % value.
In gantt chart, it shows duration and % complete. I want Planned % Complete also to be shown in the gantt bar. How do I show this ?

I created a custom table, in which I added Number1 and Text 1 (i.e. Planned % Complete) columns. Then created a new view and linked the view with this custom table. In this new view, Gantt chart still shows duration bar and % complete bar. So how do I show Planned % Complete data as a bar in Gantt chart ?


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You need to create a new custom bar style that represents your custom field. Go to, Gantt Chart Format > Bar Styles group > Format > Bar Styles, and at the bottom of the list define the Name, Appearance, and other attributes of the new bar.

Understand that the priority of bar in the list of bar styles is from the bottom, that is bar styles at the bottom of the list will supersede any conflicting bars at the top of the list.

Hope this helps.
Hi John,
when I add a row at the bottom and choose a Name, Appearance etc. it overrides the appearance of existing bars displayed. It's happening probably the bottom of the list supersede bar style, as you said above.
What I'm expecting is probably two bars per task - First bar showing duration & % complete (This appears by default) and the 2nd bar showing % Planned complete. The 2nd bar is the customized bar, which I'm trying to create.
I don't know whether having two bars per task is even possible.
The Bar Styles allows up to 4 bars per task line. This is set by the "Row" in the Bar Styles window. Actually you can get even more bars by careful selection of the bar Shape.



Thanks John.
By changing row value as 2, I am able to get the 2nd bar. But when 2nd bar appears, the length of this 2nd bar is also the same as task duration. I'd like the length of this 2nd bar (say Planned % Complete bar) to be dictated by the Planned % Column (text field) value, just like the progress bar's length is dictated by % complete.  

 So, my Gantt chart should look like three bars

  Duration bar - default, length controlled by duration field

  Progress bar - default, length controlled by % complete field

  Planned % complete bar - custom, length controlled by Planned % complete field. 


How do I control the length of this 3rd bar ?  If I select "To" as Complete Through, the length of the 3rd bar becomes equal to % complete and not Planned % Complete. 

Any thoughts ? 



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The "Complete through" is derived from the mean duration and therefore has no relation to your custom text field for your Planned % Complete. In order to define the "From" and "To" criteria for your custom text field, you need to convert the end points of your Planned % Complete into dates in custom Start and Finish fields (e.g. Start1 and Finish1).

Thanks for your reply John. With a bit of experiment, I am not able to have a Planned % Complete bar , with length equal to status taken date. I also see two bars per task. Thank you.
You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.

Do I assume correctly that you meant to say "now" instead of "not"?