How to create cascading drop down for Project online custom fileds & lookup?

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for example: country& states are 2 lookup fields

if i select country as India>state filed has to show list of all states in india.

if i select us>it has to show list of all states.


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Anil -- There is no default method to do this in Project Online. A better approach, in my opinion, would be to use a single Outline Code field which would allow you to do what you want. In the Outline Code field, the first level of indent would be for the country and the second level of indent would be for the state. Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard  Thank you for ur response. I will try this option.

Hello @Anil_kumar_Anakala ,

If Dale's advice doesn't offer you want you need, there is another potential option as described here I would try and work with the out of the box capability accepting the limitations but if you really do need related cascading fields, using custom code (JavaScript) on the Project Detail Page would be an option (unfortunately I don't have any sample code to share here though) worth noting, this custom code option would not work in the Project Desktop client.


Thanks for the  reply @Paul Mather . I am also searching all blogs.........if u found any solution......please update in the community.