how to create a approval workflow for every new baseline in the project?

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Hello all,


Whenever PM do the baseline in the project need approval process. When it is Baseline 1 one more approver & so on.....

What is the process for to check the new baseline in the SharePoint designer site level workflow along with approval process.

Can we anyone have a solution regarding this scenario.




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Anil --

I think you are going about this the wrong way. When baseline control is needed, such as you describe, none of the organizations which whom I have worked use a SharePoint workflow process for this. Instead, they use security permissions to deny project managers from baselining their projects at all. And instead, they give special permissions to the PMO to handle all baseline procedures with all of their projects. So, when a baseline needs to be updated, such as after a change control process, the PM contacts the PMO, who will then handle the baseline updating process. Hope this helps.
Aplogize for the delay Dale Howard.

Thanks for the response

Actually it's a requirement from the client. I have gone through other alternatives not worked. Hope will find the solution for this scenario if possible.